Male Massage Therapist in Houston

Brian – LMT, BBA, Reiki Master

Synergy of Mind, Body, & Spirit

I am a male massage therapist in Houston, with over 11 years experience in providing Massage and other relaxation therapies. As a Licensed Massage Therapist and Reiki Master, my passion is to utilize my educational background, as well as my gift of intuitive healing touch, to bring balance and relaxation into the lives of my clients. Being a native Texan born and raised in Houston, I possess a mixture of Southern Charm, Masculinity, and a free spirit that allows all of my clients to feel a genuine sense of peace and well being. Having lived in Austin for nearly 8 years, while attending the University of Texas, I pursued a Bachelor of Business Administration with a Major in Marketing. I found my calling as a Massage Therapist as a result of a curve ball that life threw me back in 2001 when I was broadsided by an 18 wheeler and sustained multiple injuries. My recovery was influenced and greatly enhanced through Massage Therapy. As a result, I developed a respect and a passion for massage and its many benefits. Following a career in the Energy Industry for several years, I finally decided to leave corporate to pursue a career in Alternative Health and Relaxation as a Professional Massage Therapist. I approach Massage Therapy from a Holistic point of view and believe that in order to remain healthy and happy that one must take the time to live a balanced life in Body, Mind, and Spirit. In my free time I enjoy baseball, hiking, camping, backpacking, taking road trips exploring the backroads, reading, writing, and tracking severe weather. I currently have a Massage Practice located in Houston, while simultaneously working toward my Master’s Degree.

My studio has the ambience of a spa and embodies an energy that allows all guests the opportunity enhance their well-being, and restore inner balance. My massage work has a spiritual aspect to it, not only relaxing your body, but also soothing and invigorating your mind and soul. My technique has an authentic balance of both skill and intuition that will connect with your spirit while leaving your body relaxed and your muscles feeling as if you are floating on a cloud of tranquility. I invite you to come and experience relaxation and therapeutic muscle recovery on an holistic and peaceful level. Let my hands deliver a healing power that is both physically and spiritually rewarding. I look forward to developing a genuine relationship with you as I become your personal massage therapist- together we can make it a journey that will provide you with an overall sense of balance and well being.

Brian- Licensed Massage Therapist, Reiki Master